Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 18th 2009 Second Day of Filming!!

Unloading equipment to get ready for our 2nd day of filming

Train and passanger car used for filming

Train we used for filming

Crew prepping train for "Scene 1"

On set production office, wardrobe and makeup

Dress rehearsal for "Scene 1"

Rolling "Scene 1"

Setting train for "Scene 2"

Prepping location for "Scene 2"

Thomas, Sarah and Justin in their 1870's wardrobe

Sammy in his 1870's wardrobe

Phil Bransom "Director" performing script review w/ Sarah, Thomas, Justin and Sammy

Rehearsal "Scene 3"

"Scene 3"

Blog, Photo's and Video By: Melissa Hill "Director's Assistant"

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