Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 17th 2009 First Day of Filming!!

"Getting ready to start the day"

"Our production office on set"

Prepping for "Scene 1"

Checking camera positions for "Scene 1"

Rehearsal "Scene 1"

Phil Bransom "Director" reviewing "Scene 1"

" Michael, Thomas and Sarah Rehearsing Lines"

Prepping "Scene 2"

Scene Stand-in's Rebekah, Cody and Samantha

Rolling "Scene 2"

Prepping "Scene 3"

Rehearsal "Scene 3"

Rolling "Scene 3"

Prepping "Scene 4"

Rehearsal "Scene 4"

Rolling "Scene 4"

"It's a wrap"
Blog, Photo's and Video By: Melissa Hill "Directors Assistant"


  1. Odd. It looks just like Train Master 1 behind the scenes photos. Just the kids are taller!

  2. If lightning does not strike twice, Than magic does ! Great Job Train Master Crew and Cast.